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Alapfy, András
András Alapfy is a photographer, illustrator, graphic and web designer. Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1954, he was educated in Budapest, Vienna and Amsterdam. At the beginning of his career he designed a number of company logos, movie posters, LP covers and other printed materials. In the 80s he worked as an illustrator for different magazines in The Netherlands. Today he is interested in digital art; combines traditional techniques with computer design.
After a number of collective exhibitions in Hungary and abroad his first individual appearance was in Budapest in 2004. In his digital art series called Hommage [Serie-Hommage] he plays tribute to old and contemporary masters from Albrecht Dürer to Gilberto Zorio thus creating a special alphabet from A to Z.
Since 1989 he lives and works in Munich, Germany.
Website: www.alapfy.de/Digitale/illustration
E-mail: mail@alapfy.de

Webing: Issue 2-8
Ázbej, Kristóf
Budapest, Hungary
Paris, France
Kristóf Ázbej is a multi-faceted artist and art project designer. Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1953, and educated in Budapest, Algiers and Paris, his works have appeared in exhibitions and in print since 1973. In 1984, he establishes the Grotto One Gallery (also named Musée X-Point-Zéro) in Bagneux, a suburb of Paris. Between 1985 and 1996, he assembles a 50 square meter mega-collage that contiguously covers the interior walls of the Museum. As an extension of that kaleidoscopic time capsule cyclorama, he first develops the Great Wall of Human Endeavour Project, then the Memory Accelerator Tubes Project.By the turn of the Century, at the request of the French Millennial Committee, he works on a complex art project code- named Message to Earth. The project involves architectural design, multimedia performances and film production. In 2008, he begins a series of digital paintings constructed entirely from appropriated elements of artworks from various periods in art history. The series, which presently comprises several hundred pieces, lays the foundation for a new artistic language and style he calls fusionism. In 2011 he issues the first version of the Fusionist Manifesto entitled: The Winning Strategy.
Kristóf Ázbej lives and works in Paris and in Budapest.
Website: spiralsyn8society.free.fr
E-mail: contemporary.art.proposals@gmail.com / kristofazbej@aol.com

Webing: Issue 1-5
Bp. Szabó, György
Los angeles, USA
1982 Gyorgy Bp. Szabo received his MFA from the Moholy-Nagy University Of Art And Design Budapest. He then got his Masters in Typography. His Professors included Sandor Ernyei, Janos Kass, Peter Viragvolgyi and the legendary Erno Rubik, the inventor of the Rubik's cube. As a graphic designer he designed posters, mostly representing alternative bands. In 1992, he became the co-owner of A.R.C. Studio, and in 1994 started his own graphic design company called Bp. Studio. In 1996 he moved to Los Angeles to work for the well-known animation company Klasky Csupo where he became an art director. In 2004 he worked for Crew Creative, and finally landed the position of Creative Director at Cleopatra Records. His art reflects the way music and art collide. From 1983, his band Bp. Service has reflected the sound of accidental noise discoveries, machines, and the sound of the city along with self-made generators, resulting in uniquely innovative music.
Website: bpszabo.weebly.com/index.html
E-mail: gyorgybpszabo@yahoo.com

Webing: Issue 6-9
Darvas, Peter
Munich, Germany
Darvas Péter born 1955 in Budapest, Hungary.
School and Study, Graphic-Design & Illustration:
1969-1974 | Fine and Applied Arts School, Budapest
1975-1978 | University of Applied Arts, Budapest - Prof. István Balogh.
1982 | School of Visual Arts Summer in Ireland - Prof. Milton Glaser.
Since 1978 he lives and works in Germany as Graphic-Designer.
2. Price International Design Festival Osaka´87
Website: http://www.darvasx.de

Webing: Issue 3-10-12
Pál, Csaba
Budapest, Hungary
1993 Academy of Applied Arts, Budapest (graphic, typography)
1991 Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest (interdisciplinary painting – prof. Dóra Mauer)
1993 Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest (postgraduate painting)
Website: http://palcsaba.wordpress.com
E-mail: csabapalka@gmail.com

Webing: Issue 4-7
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